Custom Tattoo Design

In my opinion selecting your tattoo design is the most difficult step when getting a tattoo. You want to be absolutely certain as it is permanent. In order for us to create that perfect tattoo for you we need your help. There are many steps involved when having a custom tattoo designed. Despite what the tattoo shows on tv lead you to believe, I can assure you that a sleeve or a backpeice cannot be designed in just one commercial break. You don’t want to rush something that is permanent. I hope this information will help you, help us design that perfect custom design for you. See our policies and procedures page for even more information.

• Have a look on the internet as it is probably the most resourceful place on the planet and it’s free. For a list of sites see our tattoo reference page on the website. The more ideas you can give the artist the easier it makes their job. Print off and bring in as many things as you feel necessary to get your ideas across to us. You can even sketch something up. Even if you can’t draw, it does help.

• Figure out where on your body you would like your tattoo. Keep in mind things like if you are a female planning on having children at some point then maybe that nice around the belly button tattoo might not be the best idea. If you want to see your tattoo, then maybe your back isn’t the right spot. Tattoos that fit the area of the body always look even better. For example something tall and thin might look great on a forearm but not so good on a chest.

• Size to detail is one of the most important factors when planning a tattoo. A portrait cannot look good when done at the size of a toonie. Whereas a yin yang can.

• Do you want your tattoo in colour or black and grey shaded?

• What size would you like your tattoo? If you could please provide measurements. For example I would like my tattoo to be 6 inches high by 4 inches wide. Not “I would like it as big as my hand” This is especially helpful when trying to work over the email as we can’t see your hands.

• Everyone has a price range in mind that they are hoping to spend on their tattoo. If you could provide a reasonable price range to the artist this is helpful when creating your tattoo. There is nothing more disappointing then seeing it, loving it and not being able to afford it. Give them a maximum of what you would like to spend. Please be realistic. Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good :)

• If you are getting writing or dates: Please ensure everything is spelled correctly and all names and dates are correct. We try our best to spell check but we don’t know how your daughter’s name is spelled or when your Grandma’s birthday is. This is your responsibility. These errors cannot always be fixed.

• Our artists design your tattoo for free in their free time. They are generally very busy and must take care of the clients who are booked first. If you are in a hurry for your design I would suggest you leave a decent deposit to show you are serious and make an appointment. Your deposit comes off of the price of your tattoo so theoretically they are doing this for free. This deposit is non-refundable once they’ve started drawing.

• You do not have to pay for minor changes to your artwork, such as can we move the writing over here to the left more. However designs that are to have major changes are subject to a fee. Our artists don’t have time to draw you several free designs. Once again the clearer you can be with your description the better for all.

• Once you are ready to talk to an artist about designing your tattoo you should have a pretty good idea of what you want. Please don’t come in and say to them I want something that represents my Grandma or something that represents strength. We don’t know your grandma and the meaning of strength might mean something different to you than to them. Our artists can draw pretty much anything but they can’t pick your tattoo for you. That part is your job.

• I would recommend booking a consultation appointment with the artist of your choice. You can do this via email. This way when you come in for your scheduled consultation they have allotted time to spend going over your ideas with you one on one. We can’t interrupt the artist when they are tattooing a client to do a consultation. It is not fair to the client who has booked and is paying for that period of time already. I’m sure you will understand once it’s your turn in the tattoo chair.

Once you have completed these steps we can get to the fun stuff. Just sit back and relax while the artists do their part. We will contact you via phone or email as to when your design is ready.
Please feel free to email or call (905)895-8286 with any questions or concerns. We look forward to tattooing you